Lottery Sambad 2023 Result Today 1 PM, 6 PM, 8 PM Nagaland State Lottery

Lottery Sambad Today 2023 Result 1 PM 6 PM 8 PM: Are you searching for the 2023 Lottery Sambad Today Result? So you are on the right webpage. Welcome to Lottery Sambad Today 2023, 1 PM, 6 PM, 8 PM, Nagaland State Lottery Sambad Result. Today in the Lottery Sambad Result, we will show all the Lottery Sambad results of 2023, at the right time. You can see the Nagaland State Lottery Sambad Result, West Bengal State Lottery Sambad Result, and Sikkim State Lottery Sambad here. On this website, you can also see Lottery Sambad Old 2023. Today’s Lottery Sambad may be lucky for you if you have purchased your ticket for Lottery Sambad 2023. Lottery Sambad 2023 Result is below.

Lottery Sambad Result Today

Apart from this, you will also be able to see the Dear Lottery Sambad result of Aajkal Lottery Sambad 2023, at the right time. It will be in the Lottery Sambad Result PDF which you will be able to download easily.

On this website, you can mainly see all the All India Lottery results. The goal of creating this website is that all India’s lottery buyers get all the results on the same website. Along with this, you can also see the Maharashtra State Lottery Result, Sikkim State Lottery Result, and Goa Rajshree Lottery Sambad. Here you can find Bhutan Lottery Results, Mumbailaxmi Lottery results, Labh Laxmi Lottery Results (Arunachal Pradesh Lottery), and Mizoram State Lottery. You will also be able to see the Bodoland Lottery Result (Assam State Lottery). Lottery Sambad Result is updated daily on our website.

Lottery Sambad Result timings

Lottery Sambad draw is held 3 times daily. The below diagram depicts the lottery Sambad timings.

Lottery Sambad Time Table

You can see this Lottery Sambad Result on this website at the right time. However, if a technical problem comes, then you can see this Lottery Sambad Result after 10 or 15 minutes or you can download it in pdf. Nagaland State Lottery plays an important role in LotterySambad as most people from all over India buy tickets for Nagaland State Lottery not only in Nagaland State. Also, people are interested in Sikkim State Lottery and West Bengal State Lottery.

Dear Lottery Result Today

On this webpage, you can mainly see Dear Lottery Sambad results Three times. These include Dear Lottery Sambad Result 11.55 am, Dear Lottery Sambad Result 4 pm, and Dear Lottery Sambad Result 8 pm. Results will be available in Pdf format. If you have bought a ticket for Dear Lottery Sambad, then good luck to you. Dear Lottery Sambad Ticket costs just Rs 6 /-, so everyone can buy it and try their luck, and become a millionaire or a Billionaire. In Dear Lottery Sambad, if you have purchased tickets for Sikkim State Lottery, West Bengal State Lottery Sambad, or Nagaland State Lottery Sambad, then you can get this result daily here.

1) Sikkim State Lottery Sambad Morning Result

We will show lottery Sambad Results of Sikkim State Lottery 11.55 am Result in the morning in Lottery Sambad Result, Nagaland State Lottery Samabd 8 pm at Night, and West Bengal State Lottery Sambad 4 pm in Evening daily. Sikkim State Lottery Sambad Draw takes place from 11.55 am to 12.15 am. The below Diagram Depicts The Lottery Sambad Draw Timing.

Sikkim State Lottery Sambad Game Information

Whoever has bought the ticket for Sikkim State Lottery Sambad will be able to see the result on this website at 11.55 am and can download the Lottery Sambad Result in PDF. You can download the Lottery Sambad Result here every day. Stay tuned with us for the Sikkim State Lottery Result. You can watch Lottery Sambad Live on this youtube channel at 11:55 am.

2) West Bengal State Lottery Sambad Today 4 pm

West Bengal State Lottery Result Arrives at 4 pm. Here you will be updated on this Page Dear Bangalakshmi Teesta, Dear Bangalakshmi Torsha Dear Bangabhumi Raidak Dear Bangabhumi Bhagirathi, Dear Bangabhumi Ajay Dear Bangasree Damodar Dear Bangasree Ichamati Super Draw Result, and Bangabhumi Super Draw Result. The below Chart Is Having Additional Resources about West Bengal State Lottery Sambad and its all types.

West Bengal State Lottery Sambad Game Information

For other Lottery Sambad Results, you will be able to get information by visiting other pages of our blog. As you all know the first Winning Amount Of the West Bengal State Lottery Sambad is Rupees 1 Crore. Winning this amount depends on your Luck. You will also be able to watch the live broadcast of West Bengal State Lottery Sambad on This Youtube Channel.

3) Nagaland State Lottery Sambad Night Result 8 PM

In Nagaland State Lottery Sambad Result Today you can see the dear hawk lottery draw result online. This result is known as Lottery Sambad at 8 pm. You all know that Nagaland State Lottery results in Nagaland State Lottery Sambad once a day which comes at 8 pm.

Nagaland State Lottery Sambad Game Information

Evening 8 pm Nagaland State Lottery Sambad Result you can download here. You stay connected with us and by visiting the website every day, you can see and download the Nagaland State Lottery Sambad Result. The cost of a Nagaland State Lottery Ticket is only Rs 6 to Rs 100, from which the first winner will be given prize money ranging from Rs 25 lakh to Rs 1 crore.

Lottery Sambad Timing Links

  • Sikkim State Lottery Result 11.55 am
  • West Bengal Lottery Result 4 pm
  • Nagaland State Lottery Result 8 pm

Lottery Sambad Information Table

In the Lottery Sambad information table, you can read the information about which lottery is coming out today. Apart from this, you can also see the fixed time of the Lottery Sambad Draw. you have given the right time when the Lottery Sambad is going to come out. This Lottery Sambad information table changes daily. With which you can get the latest information daily.

Live Lottery Sambad 2023 Result
Lottery Name Sikkim, West Bengal, Nagaland State Lottery
Draw Code 42, 47, and 36 Draw Held On October 2021
Draw Name Morning Lottery Sambad, Day Lottery Sambad, and Lottery Sambad Night
First Prize Rs. 1 Crore
Result date 2023, October 2021
Result Time 11:55 AM, 4 PM, 8 PM
Result Status Published

Lottery Sambad popularity chart

Lottery Sambad has become a popular and famous lottery game in India. The Indian Constitution has also enacted laws for the lottery. About 3 years ago today, the Supreme Court of India allowed all state governments to ban or allow the sale of lotteries in their state. Every state thought of the lottery, and many of them banned the Lottery Sambad. Some states recognized lotteries for additional tax and due to increased response to the lottery of people. Now 13 states in India mainly allow Lottery Sambad. People of these 13 states can buy lottery of any state and can also earn money easily. These 13 states are Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Madhya Pradesh, Kerala, Mizoram, Goa, Manipur, West Bengal, Sikkim, Punjab, Assam, Meghalaya, and Maharashtra. You will also be able to see the MHADA Lottery Sambad Result of Maharashtra State on this website.

The chart below shows the popularity of Lottery Sambad in India.

Lottery Sambad Allowed Country In India
Lottery Sambad Allowed Country In India

Steps to Download Lottery Sambad Result Today 2023

Step 1: Go to the official website of Lottery Sambad:-

Step 2: Go to Lottery Sambad today result

Step 3: Find “Lottery Sambad Draw 42 and Date: 2023

Step 4: Click the today Nagaland state lottery Sambad result 11.55 am, 4 pm, 8 pm result Link

Step 27: view the lottery Sambad result

Lottery Sambad Today Result

Lottery Sambad Result is published thrice every day. It also means that you can play this Lottery Sambad not once or twice but 3 times throughout the day and increase your chances of becoming a millionaire or billionaire. The Lottery Sambad Result Prize Amount is similar across the country. People in the states where the lottery is authorized can also buy their tickets and try their luck in it. Whether you are living in Goa or in any city of Kerala, you will get Lottery Sambad Live Result on the same day and scheduled time.

A good way to know the Lottery Sambad Live Result is to go to the official site of Lottery Sambad and see the result. You can also see the Winner’s list in the Newspaper or call the official number of the lottery department and ask for information about the winning ticket. To get the official number, you can take this number by looking at the back of lottery tickets. Apart from this, by visiting the lottery stall, you can also see the Lottery Sambad result. Apart from this, there are many options also.

Nagaland Lottery Sambad Result Today

Lottery Sambad or Nagaland Lottery Sambad Result Application was revealed only a few days ago. It has been found that it is an application for iOS and Android devices. But I’m not sure yet whether the app is ready to download, install, or even use by going to the Apple Store or Google Play Store. Currently, by visiting this website every day, you can view or download this Lottery Sambad Live Result. Now you can view and download this Nagaland lottery result today on this webpage.

The download option on this website is completely free, while some websites can ask for money to send you instant updates on your mobile via SMS or Email, so stay connected to this website to get this Lottery Sambad Live Result and see the results in Pdf.

Lottery Sambad Live

To watch Lottery Sambad Live, you can search Lottery Sambad Live on YouTube. Videos of YouTube Live are available daily on this webpage for Lottery Sambad Live. You can subscribe to this channel or you can also see live results on this webpage. Lottery Sambad Live is streamed live on YouTube every day at 11:55 am, 4 pm, 8 pm on YouTube.

Lottery Sambad News

From now on, the government will have to give 28 percent GST for the Lottery. In which the central government will take 14 percent GST and the state government 14 percent GST. This decision was taken by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman (Revenue Department) in the month of December last year in 2019, while the GST rates will be applicable from March 1.

Under the new notification GST FORM, ANX-1, and GST FORM ANX-2 these 2 forms are given. Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs, CBIC has declared that whoever submits its arrears late, then it will have to pay extra interest.

About Nagaland State Lottery Sambad

Nagaland State is a state in Northeast India, in which the lottery is sold the most. Due to this reason, tickets for the Nagaland State Lottery are bought more from India. Nagaland State Lottery Results can be seen daily in the Lottery Sambad newspaper. Nagaland State extends to Assam State in the west, Arunachal Pradesh and Assam in the north, Myanmar in the east, and Manipur in the south. The capital of Nagaland State is Kohima which is quite famous. The largest city in Nagaland State is Dimapur. It is one of the smallest states in India as per the 2011 Census of India.

According to the order of the Supreme Court, the state that wants to recognize the lottery can organize a lottery. Nagaland State promoted the lottery and chose its department to organize the lottery. Seeing the attraction of the lottery to the people, the Nagaland Government created the Act, which gave the people more confidence in the lottery. Nagaland Government broadcasts Live Draw on a famous site like YouTube. According to history, Nagaland State became the 16th state of India on 1 December 1963.

After Nagaland State started the lottery 12 more states supported the lottery. These 12 people and Nagaland State people can buy tickets of any state among themselves. The state is mostly mountainous except in the areas of Assam valley, which comprises 9% of the total area of ​​the state. Here people of Nagaland state are more interested in the lottery.

How To Win Lottery Sambad

Believe it or not, winning the Lottery Sambad is actually the best and most accurate strategy. Winning the lottery, while it is a dream to get rich, can be a legitimate way to get rich. It really is no different than gambling your money in a casino where the house almost always wins. With only millions and millions of losing winners, the lottery is a game to reward a winner. If you want to get rich and have a lot of money in the bank to live a good life, then by doing this you can become more Aamir.

Nowadays everyone wants to become Aamir overnight, and this is also to be thought right. Nowadays, in everyday life, everyone thinks of making progress in their business, and some become successful in it. For those who are not able to succeed, buy Lottery Sambad tickets for just 6 rupees and dream of becoming Aamir overnight. For this, people also search “Lottery Jitne Ke Tarike” on the Internet. In these search results, someone is giving the mantra of winning the lottery. However, how much mantra accompanies it is a matter of consideration.

There is also a Vedic solution to win the lottery on the Internet, in which “Totakes” are also given. Does everyone win the lottery with this trick? There is no formula to win the lottery, but with the help of some important tips, you can win the Lottery Sambad. Due to these tips, the chances of winning the lottery can be increased. However, there will be no predictions made by any chanting or chanting of mantra. You will definitely promote superstition in these ways.

Generally, whenever you buy more lottery tickets the strength of the lottery is more. Through this article, we want to tell you that everything depends on luck. To buy a Lottery Sambad ticket, you should set a budget so that your family will be happy.

Still, some of you have not avoided buying lottery tickets. You are not alone. Millions of people buy lottery tickets every week and do not expect to win anything back, it is just a game for them. I also buy a lottery ticket once, just for fun. But I really don’t expect to win the jackpot, and I will keep spending the same amount of money.

For those who decide to play responsibly, the good news is that a portion of the money that goes to the state lottery is used for education, women, and children’s advancement. The only responsible way to play the lottery is to buy the lottery for occasional fun, without any hope of winning.

What are your thoughts on winning the lottery? Do you play for fun, or to win the lottery one day?

Key Points of Lottery Sambad

  • Kerala Lottery Sambad Result is announced daily at 11.55 am, 4 pm, and 8 pm and Kerala State Lottery Result comes on the official website at 4 pm. Lottery Sambad Result Randomly leaves from lottery draw machine in Gorkhy Bhavan Auditorium. Which depends on the luck of the Lottery winner. Lottery Sambad draws 3 bumpers daily. Together, Lottery Sambad draws festival bumper draws 4 times a year. Which draws festival bumper draws on Onam, Christmas, Vishu, and Pooja / Dussehra. Lottery Sambad 2 also produces seasonal jackpots which are known as monsoon and summer bumper draws. You can download this in Lottery Sambad Result Pdf by visiting our blog daily.
  • Sagar Lakshmi Maharashtra Lottery, Maharashtra Diamond Mini, Padmini Maharashtra Lottery, Akshay Maharashtra Lottery, Maharashtra Platinum Mini, Akarshak Puskaraj Maharashtra Lottery, Maharashtra Gold Mini Lottery, Vaibhav Lakshmi Maharashtra Lottery, Maharashtra Lakshmi Lottery, Maharashtra Silver Mini Lottery Result in Maharashtra State Lottery Sambad You can download it in Pdf. Maharashtra State Lottery Sambad is updated daily on our blog. You can download it by visiting it daily.
  • Lottery Sambad Result comes twice a day in Nagaland State Lottery Result. Nagaland State Lottery comes to the official website every day at 11.55 am and evening at 8 pm. Lottery Sambad 11.55 am and 8 pm This is the Lottery of Nagaland State. This lottery runs mostly in Nagaland and West Bengal. In Nagaland and West Bengal, more people buy Lottery Sambad Ticket.
  • Lottery Sambad This is a newspaper that publishes lottery results of Sikkim State, West Bengal state, and Nagaland State Lottery daily. The specialty of this newspaper is that it simply publishes lottery news. Some Newspaper like Navakal also publishes lottery results daily. In this newspaper, you also publish the results of the Rajshree Lottery, Maharashtra State Lottery, LabhLaxmi Lottery, Mumbai Laxmi Lottery, Sikkim State Lottery, Nagaland State Lottery, and West Bengal State Lottery. This Navakal Newspaper is published in the Marathi language.
  • You can get the results of Labh Laxmi Lottery Sambad every day at 4.30 pm every day. Although the Arunachal State lottery draws 2 every day, you can see the lottery result on this website. Mumbai Laxmi Lottery Result comes every day at 6 pm but you can see it till 6.15 pm on this website.
  • Rajshree Lottery Sambad results are received every day at 11.55 am 4 pm, 8 pm. The time for Rajshri Lottery results has changed now. You can get the Rajshree Lottery Result every day at 3.30 pm, 4.45 pm, and 6 pm.
  • If you buy lottery tickets of all states, then you also buy Mizoram State Lottery tickets. This will increase the strength of your Lottery Sambad Winning. The ticket price of Mizoram State Orange Morning is 6 rupees from which you can get the amount of 26 lakhs. The Mizoram State Lottery draws every day at 11.55 am, 3 pm, and 7 pm in the evening. On this website, you can get the Mizoram State Lottery Result every day.

Make Money With Lottery Sambad

Nowadays everyone wants to start a new business to earn money. But they do not have enough capital. You can try your luck by investing some money in Assam State Lottery. You all know that the Lottery Samabd Game is famous in India, you can buy Lottery Ticket for just Rupees 7 / – and you can see it by visiting Daily Lottery Result here. In Lottery Sambad, the first winner gets an amount of about 25 lakh rupees. After winning this Lottery Sambad, you can easily run your family by doing some business or Fix Deposit in your everyday life. However, the second Lottery Sambad winner also gets an amount of Rs 9000. If your fortune is with you then you can definitely become a millionaire.

If you read books or search the Internet for ways to win the lottery, you will find lots of suggestions that do not do any work. There is no way to predict the numbers that appear in the lottery. However, this does not mean that there is no way to increase the chances of winning.


Lottery Sambad newspaper started in 1983. At that time it was popular in some cities. People of Nagaland and West Bengal liked this newspaper very much and this Lottery Sambad newspaper became famous in the whole state. This newspaper gives priority to all types of Lottery Sambad news and Lottery Sambad results. In which the news of how a poor person won the Lottery Sambad and progressed in his happy life, was spread the news to the general public through the newspaper and people started liking it. Apart from this, after reading the news in this newspaper, he was attracted to Lottery Sambad and started buying tickets for Nagaland State Lottery Sambad with a new passion. In today’s times, instead of newspapers, people go to the official site of Lottery Sambad and read the paper and have started reading Lottery Sambad Result too. This website is becoming very popular with this. Lottery Sambad This website publishes Lottery Sambad results regularly 3 times every day.

Hebrew, Hindu, Egyptian, Roman, and Chinese people started the lottery in the world. Lucky Draw, became very popular and popular in no time. In the early twentieth century, if you look at the history behind the lottery, this type of Lottery Game became quite popular and was considered illegal in many countries by the end of World War II. In the 1160s, casinos and lotteries were legalized and recognized for federal taxes in many countries.

The world’s first authorized lottery was drawn in the 16th century in France, Germany, Netherlands, England, and Italy. France is a country that started in 1538 to promote lotteries.

The lottery is organized by the government of every country or the state of the state which has given such an authorized agreement. Or that state gets local subdivisions. Lottery Sambad in Brazil was started in 1184, the name of the city is Villa Rica and it is the capital of Minas Gerais. After this initiative, there was a lot of interest in the people and within a short time, people bought tickets with some nominal amount and made it famous. Seeing the excitement of the lottery of this rising people, the Government of Brazil made Act (Qaeda) for the lottery on 31 April 1244. So that people can trust it.

In 1261, Brazil President Jânio Quadros assured the public that the Lottery Draw would be organized by the Federal Government. President Jânio Quadros gave this lottery draw to Caixa.

The Lottery Sambad originated in Italy in 1400 and was moved to New Spain (Mexico) in 1669. This Lottery Sambad was played by Aamir and big entrepreneurs during the early days. During the Mexican War, soldiers were very fond of the lottery and became their daily hobby. When he returned home after the war ended, the popularity of this lottery match spread throughout Mexico. With the changing cycle of time, this lottery was also played on a wooden board in Mello, Mexico, and this lottery game is still played extensively today. Lottery Sambad has been played in almost every household in Mexico since the late 1600s.

Lottery Sambad Winner Prize List

Nagaland State Lottery Sambad draws a lottery draw with different names 3 times every day. In which 3 people become millionaires every day. The base price of this Lottery Sambad Ticket is Rs 11 / -. Everyone can buy and shine their luck. In Lottery Sambad, the results come out every morning at 11.55 am 4 pm, and 8 pm. In the table below, you can check the Lottery Sambad Winner Prize List.

1st Prize  Rs- 1 Crore
Cons. Prize Rs-1000/-
2nd Prize Rs- 9000/-
3rd Prize Rs- 500/-
4th Prize Rs- 250/-
5th Prize Rs- 120/-

Lottery Sambad 2023

It has been a long time since Lottery Sambad started, but in Lottery Sambad 2019, many people have won the lottery, you can read all their news in the Lottery Sambad paper. Lottery Sambad Ticket sales have been higher this year than in the past several years. People of Nagaland and West Bengal have started trusting Lottery Sambad quite a lot. Lottery Sambad has become a very reliable and reliable lottery.

This year in 2019, Lottery Sambad has also started broadcasting Live Draw on Youtube, which you can see every day at 11.55 am, 4 pm, and 8 pm by visiting YouTube. With the introduction of Live Draw, people have started to trust Lottery Sambad even more. In Lottery Sambad 2019, this newspaper has become popular as well as popular. You can also try your luck by buying tickets for Lottery Sambad 2019. You will get this Lottery Sambad 2019 ticket at a nearby lottery stall. In addition to Lottery Sambad tickets, you can buy tickets for the remaining states, meaning the tickets in the states where the lottery is allowed.

Sikkim State Lottery Sambad Result

Lottery Sambad Today 1 pm is mainly of Sikkim State Lottery. Just for this, click on the 1 pm Result Button given above and download the result. You can also see the Dear Lottery Sambad Result on our website. Sikkim State Lottery Sambad is available in two formats here. The first is in PNG format and the second is in PDF format. You can get Sikkim State Lottery Sambad Result in both formats by clicking on the link given above.

You already know that a lottery draw is held 3 times a day. 11.55 a.m. was held for the first time in the morning. The second one is held at 4 pm and the last third at 8 pm. So whenever you want the result of any Lottery Sambad of these lotteries, you can view or download it on our site.

Sikkim State, is a northeastern state bordered by Bhutan, Tibet, and Nepal. This state organizes lotteries every day for the advancement of the people. By organizing this lottery, Sikkim State gets additional tax which Sikkim State imposes for public welfare. It is important in Sikkim State for the construction of roads, women empowerment, debt relief scheme for farmers, and subsidy in fertilizers for farmers. You can also support Sikkim State in this by purchasing a ticket for only 6 rupees.

Sikkim State Lottery Sambad Prize List

1st Prize Rs- 1 Crore
Cons. Prize Rs- 1000/-
2nd Prize Rs- 9000/-
3rd Prize Rs- 500/-
4th Prize Rs- 250/-
5th Prize Rs- 120/-

Sikkim State Lottery weekly game name

Monday Dear Loving Morning
Tuesday Dear Sincere Morning
Wednesday Dear Faithful Morning
Thursday Dear Kind Morning
Friday Dear Tender Morning
Saturday Dear Gentle Morning
Sunday Affectionate Morning

West Bengal State Lottery Sambad Result

West Bengal State Lottery Result is published daily on this website. For this, you have to go to the link given above. Apart from this, we have made the page of West Bengal State Lottery Result on this website, you can also see the West Bengal State Lottery OLD Result by visiting it. On our website, you will get the option to download the Lottery Sambad PDF Result. Clicking on it will download a file containing the lottery ticket numbers of all Lottery Sambad Winners. Apart from this, the lucky draw is also live on YouTube.

Let us know that this lottery is presented by the Government Lottery Department of West Bengal State. This department announces the results of its own lottery daily. The process of lottery results related to this is in the office of the Finance Revenue and Expenditure Department located in Deoli, Gangtok. Sikkim State has fixed a ticket price for this lottery of Rs 7. The poorest of the poor people could buy in this way and by winning it live their happy life and progress in life.

West Bengal State Lottery Sambad Prize List

1st Prize  Rs- 1 Crore
Cons. Prize Rs- 1000/-
2nd Prize Rs- 9000/-
3rd Prize Rs- 500/-
4th Prize Rs- 250/-
5th Prize Rs- 120/-

West Bengal State Lottery Sambad weekly games name

Monday Bangalakshmi Teesta
Tuesday Bangalakshmi Torsha
Wednesday Bangabhumi Raidak
Thursday Bangabhumi Bhagirathi
Friday Dear Bangabhumi Ajay
Saturday Bangasree Damodar
Sunday Bangasree Ichamati

Nagaland State Lottery Sambad Night Result

Nagaland State Lottery Sambad is quite popular and popular. As we all know the Lottery Sambad’s result comes 3 times every day in Lottery Sambad. In which the result of Morning 11.55 is the Sikkim State Lottery of Nagaland State Lottery. The noon 4 pm Lottery Sambad result is of the West Bengal State Lottery. The result of Lottery Sambad night 8 pm consists of Nagaland State Lottery. We also upload and update Nagaland State Lottery Result here on a regular basis. Stay tuned with us and check the lottery result.

Click on the result button today to get Nagaland State Lottery Sambad. You can also get the Nagaland State Lottery Old Result here. Nagaland State Lottery results will be published on this website every night from 8 pm to 8:15 pm. You can also get the opportunity to become a Billionaire by purchasing a ticket of the Nagaland State Lottery for 6 rupees, for this you will have to buy a ticket from the lottery stall to the Nagaland State Lottery. The first winner of the Nagaland State Lottery gets an amount of only 25.26 lakhs.

The Nagaland State Lottery plays the lead role in Lottery Sambad as more people buy tickets for the Nagaland State Lottery than Sikkim State Lottery and West Bengal State Lottery. This state settled in the northeast of India which consists mostly of hills and this state is the Border of Myanmar. The Naga language is mostly spoken in this state. People here show more interest in gambling games like the lottery.

Nagaland State Lottery Sambad Prize List

1st Prize  Rs- 1 Crore
Cons. Prize Rs- 1000/-
2nd Prize Rs- 9000/-
3rd Prize Rs- 500/-
4th Prize Rs- 250/-
5th Prize Rs- 120/-

Nagaland State Lottery Sambad weekly game name

Monday Dear Flamingo Evening
Tuesday Dear Parrot Evening
Wednesday Dear Eagle Evening
Thursday Dear Falcon Evening
Friday Dear Vulture Evening
Saturday Dear Ostrich Evening
Sunday Dear Hawk Evening

Mizoram State Lottery Sambad Result

Mizoram State Lottery Result Today Online Pdf Download. Anyone who has purchased the Mizoram State Lottery ticket can download and view the Mizoram State Lottery Result online. It is organized by the lottery results official website. For today’s Mizoram State, Lottery Result goes to the link given in the menu button of this website and get the result of Mizoram State Lottery Result to go to this link. You can also get Aajkal Lottery Sambad and Lottery Sambad Old Result at that.

We update the Mizoram Lottery Result on a daily basis after the draw here. You can check and download your Mizoram Lottery Result 3 times a day. This includes the Mizoram lottery result of 11.55 am in the morning, at 4 pm in the daytime, and 8 pm in the evening.

Rajshree Lottery Sambad Result Today

Rajshree Lottery Sambad is famous not only in Goa State but in all of India. The Goa State Lottery is called the Rajshree Lottery. Party City Goa State is popular all over the world, where people from all over the world come for fun. Goa State started the Rajshree Lottery on receiving additional tax and on request of the Goa State Public. The development of Goa State has been emphasized by the deposits from this additional tax. This beach-bound state, in which the Marathi language and Hindi and English language are also dominated. The Goa State Rajshri Lottery ticket costs just Rupees 6.

For just 6 rupees, you can fulfill your dream of becoming a millionaire because the first winner of the Rajshri Lottery receives an amount of about 20.23 lakh rupees. Every day 3 Draws are drawn in the Goa State Lottery. 1st draw at Rajshree Lottery at 12 .10 in the morning which is named Rajshree Lottery Sambad at 12:10 am Rajshree Lottery Sambad at 4 p.m. and Rajshree Lottery Sambad at 8 pm at night. Buy Rajshree Lottery Ticket and try your luck. For just 6 rupees, even the poorest person can buy a Goa State Lottery ticket. Rajshree Lottery Sambad is published every day on this website. These will be in Rajshree Lottery Sambad Result PDF Format, which you can also download from your mobile.

Lottery Sambad Popularity

Lottery Sambad was started in the year 1983. It was sold in some cities at that time. It gained a lot of popularity in the short term and has become quite popular. Nagaland Lottery Sambad is one of the most famous and popular lotteries in India. You can check the Dainik Lottery Sambad Result with us. Lottery Sambad Draw has been held regularly at around 11.55 pm. Everyone who wants to get Dainik Lottery Sambad Result, stay with our website to check or download Lottery Sambad.

Technowanted Latest Lottery Sambad Draw Result updates regularly. Regular Lottery Sambad 11.55 am Result, West Bengal Lottery Sambad 4 pm, and Lottery Sambad Night 8 pm you can see here. Lottery Sambad is the official website for publishing Lottery Sambad Result, but nowadays sites like Times of India, Zee Business, The Quint, and Feedtel also now publish Lottery Sambad Result. On this website, you can also see the Bhutan Lottery Sambad result.

FAQ on Lottery Sambad Today Result

FAQ means Frequently Asked Questions as you can see below. Whoever buys the lottery must read the FAQ section given below the Lottery Sambad.

  • What is the 1st Prize on Lottery Sambad Today Result?

Ans:  The first winner of Lottery Sambad will receive an amount of 1 crore.

  • When will the Lottery Sambad Today Result be Declared?

Ans: Today’s Lottery Sambad Result will be published at 1 pm, 4 pm, and 8 pm.

  • How to buy Lottery Sambad Ticket Online?

Ans: You can buy Lottery Sambad tickets only from an authorized dealer. For this, you should contact the nearest lottery stall.

  • What is a Lottery Sambad?

Ans: Lottery Sambad This is called Sikkim, Nagaland, West Bengal Lottery Results of the three states.

Who operates Lottery Sambad Result?

Lottery Sambad This is a newspaper that publishes daily lottery results of Sikkim State Lottery, West Bengal State Lottery, and West Bengal State Lottery. The results of all these lotteries are declared officially by the government system of every state.
It is subject to the lottery (Act, 13111) which is certified as per Supreme Court order under Lottery Regulation Rules 1310. This lottery Sambad Result takes the responsibility of the “Bharat Mitra” newspaper publication, which is a famous newspaper of Kolkata. You can read international, national, and local news in this newspaper. L S Publications, which publishes the Kolkata newspaper.
Sikkim State Lottery is organized in Lottery Sambad. The government-run team there operates Lottery Sambad. Similarly, West Bengal State Lottery and Nagaland State Lottery also do.

Lottery Sambad Live Draw

Lottery Sambad has become as famous as Powerball, Lotto, and Megamillions. The Sikkim State Lottery, West Bengal State Lottery, and Nagaland State Lottery have organized the Lottery Sambad Live Draw to give confidence to the people and increase ticket sales. Often people think that we are not getting cheated by buying lottery tickets? In order to increase the trust of these people, the organizer of Lottery Sambad is doing Lottery Sambad Live Draw.

You can see it every day on a famous site like Lottery Sambad Live Draw 3 times on Youtube. Whose timetable we have given below.

  1. Sikkim State Lottery Sambad Live Draw 11.55 am
  2. West Bengal State Lottery Sambad Live Draw 4 pm
  3. Nagaland State Lottery Sambad Live Draw 8 pm

This Lottery Sambad Live Draw You will be able to watch “Lottery Sambad Live” on YouTube every day on this channel. In which you will be able to watch Lottery Sambad Live Khela.