iCloud Login Sign in Guide | How to Sign in to iCloud.com on iPhone/iPad?

Are you looking for an iCloud Login Sign-in Guide? So you are on the right website. The Process of iCloud Login Sign-in is published exclusively on this webpage. You can find The Process of iCloud Login Sign-in here. The Guide of the iCloud Login Sign-in is below. You can just check it or download it in pdf format also.

When you purchase an iPhone, the iCloud Login Sign-in Guide is the most significant thing that you need to be aware of. Some people don’t know what iCloud all about. So, our main focus is to educate those iOS users who are unaware of iCloud. In actuality, iCloud is a cloud computing and cloud storage service which was launched on October 12, 2011, by Apple Inc. Mainly iCloud is used to store data that includes documents, files, music, photos, etc. It also manages all the stolen as well as lost files. But most of the users don’t have any idea how iCloud sign-up works.

As iCloud is meant to resolve and provide services for backing up all the files of iOS devices, logging in with iCloud is the best answer. Immediately when logging in with an iCloud account, it allows you to share photos and other files. In short, you can manage and share all your files using Apple’s online storage service. However, everyone says that logging in with iCloud is quite difficult but we see no difficulty. Following our iCloud login sign-in guide eventually, you will get successful. Below we will proceed with the ways to log in to iCloud followed by its features.

Guide to Login or Sign in With iCloud:

There are three iCloud sign-up guides which we will be discussing below. have a look and note down the steps for iCloud storage.

Method 1: iCloud Login Sign in Guide from Official Web Page:

  • Firstly turn ON your internet connection and visit Google
  • Now in the search box type, the official website – www.icloud.com
  • When the official homepage is visible you will find a sign in a box where you have to type your Apple ID along with your Password.
  • If you don’t have an Apple ID, click below written, Create yours now and fill in all your personal details
  • Now Click on the OK option for agreeing to the terms and conditions.
  • Tap on the languages that you wish to communicate with.
  • Open and enjoy iCloud storing and backing up all your data.

How to Sign in with iCloud Using Mac or iOS Device?

Note: To start signing in with iCloud make sure you visit your phone settings and then to iCloud followed by Account.

  • Now a page will pop up to confirm your Apple ID and Password.
  • And if you are a new user of iPhone, then you will see a message pop up the moment you insert a sim card. Give all your details and run iCloud Drive on your Apple device.
  • Another procedure is if you have a Mac device then visit your system preferences and then to iCloud. To access you must enter all your Apple ID details and Password.

With these, the login and sign-in guide for iCloud is completed. Let us now proceed with the outstanding features of iCloud.

What are the Features of iCloud?

From iOS or Mac devices, iCloud will definitely help you to restore all your photos, important documents, and files. This means that all your files have been saved to iCloud. Let us proceed with the features.

1. iCloud for Storage:

The moment you create and login with iCloud, It offers you a free 5GB space to store all your documents, photos, etc. But if you are a user of iCloud and the storage is full then you can also buy more spaces which are around 50GB and can be extended up to 2TB.

2. iCloud Restore & Backup:

iCloud also allows all its users to back up the files and data mainly on iOS devices. In brief, most of the data are photos, videos, etc. will get back up. To start running the backup you need to connect it to Wi-Fi. If any issues increased, iCloud also helps to restore all the data and apps to your device.

3. Finds Lost iPhone:

This feature in the iCloud drive will automatically track your lost iPhone or Mac. If you are the owner of an iOS device then the approximate location of your lost iPhone will be resolved.

4. iCloud Saves all Your Photos:

Photo Library in iCloud will save all your photos and also looks at the original resolution of images. However, users can also view Photo Library through icloud.com or from the new photos app. However, you can easily social share your photos with the people you want.


Finally, we have completed the iCloud login sign-in Guide with you. As now you know that iCloud is the best computing cloud storage to store all your important documents files and run all those files to your iPhone or Mac. You can also create a backup or restore your files when in need with iCloud. Hence, even when you lose your phone, iCloud will locate and find your lost phone. So, if you have less storage in your iCloud then use the subscription plan for storing more files. You can try and download a dedicated iCloud app for Windows. Hope you have like this post.

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